Annual Events & Activities

Pastor’s Retreat
A forum where Pastors come together to learn and share from each other. Held in the month of February.

Women’s Retreat
A retreat where the Women of God come together apart from their ordinary life of the world for the purpose of knowing God better &
loving Him more. Held in the month of April.

Youth Retreat
Designed to engage the youth & young adults of OBSC in fellowship, edification and enrichment in a Holy Spirt filled and fun environment that leads to a deeper spiritual walk. For ages 9-30. Held in the month of April.

Congress of Christian Education
The Congress of Christian education is the ministry of the Convention that equips the churches (delegates) through teaching the Word of God and training for the body of Christ to provide ministry to and through the church. Held in the month of August.

Annual Session
Designed to inform, inspire, refresh & renew the delegates of the State Convention. Held in the month of October.

Board Meetings
Held in February & May.